IDinsight's Monitoring and Evaluation Health Check

Evidence produced through Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) can help organizations unlock significant impact at scale. Functioning M&E systems inform adaptations to program design and implementation leading to more effective programs, and improved lives.

In the early stages, M&E may be used infrequently or for annual reporting only. As organizations evolve, M&E becomes more streamlined, with carefully selected evaluations to inform strategic decisions such as resource allocation and program design, as well as regular data feedback loops to inform daily operational decisions such as performance management.


We developed the M&E Health Check to help partners assess the health of their M&E systems and identify cost-effective areas for improvement.

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What is the M&E Health Check and who is it for?

The M&E Health Check is a diagnostic survey that produces recommendations for Non-profits and social enterprises of all sizes.

This tool captures an organization or program’s existing monitoring and evaluation, data analytics, and data management systems capacity. There are two versions of the survey—a Lite version: ~20min, and a Full version: ~60mins. Both versions are:


After the survey is completed, the respondent will receive a final report identifying areas for improvement given limited resources. The report will: